Technical Info

For Non-theater Venues

As a professional theater company, we strive for the highest possible production quality.  Audiences deserve our very best whether we’re performing in a school gym, library, or somewhere else entirely.  To deliver our very best to audiences, we insist on a few requirements:


  • Our touring productions need a performing area that measures 20 feet by 20 feet and has 10 feet of ceiling clearance, at minimum.
  • In addition, we recommend a 3-foot buffer between this performing area and the seating area for the audience.
  • In order to ensure both the quality of the production and the safety of the actors and the audience, we require the performing area to be clear, clean, and level.
  • Our actors need access to a separate, private space to change into their costumes.


  • Our actors and production manager need to arrive 2 hours prior to the performance.  This time is critical for safe technical set-up and adequate actor preparation. This means we may need to arrive before your facility normally opens.  Plan accordingly, and if possible, arrange for us to have exclusive use of the space during that time.

In nearly four decades of touring, we’ve learned a few other things that will help audiences:

  • SEE BETTER: When the audience and the actors will be on the same level, visibility is best when young audience members are seated on the floor, rather than on benches and/or folding chairs.
  • HEAR BETTER: Bells, buzzers, and PA announcements during the performance distract everyone.  Also, please turn off loud heating and cooling blowers while the show is in progress.

If you have questions about our technical requirements or would like more advice on how best to prepare for our visit, please contact Erik Kuhn (production manager) at erik at metroplays dot org or 314-932-7414 x 131.

For Theater Venues

[NOTE: Please direct me to some source material for the right key messages to include for our presenters with professional theater venues.]