Building Community through Drama

I love this residency because it deals with a difficult subject in a way that is totally accessible to my students. I love this residency because it is done incredibly well.”

~ Joe Hays, Clark Elementary


“Students are exposed to unique and engaging activities that help them think about how to treat themselves and others with respect.”

~ Patrick Lopez, Steger 6th Grade Center


If you’re interested in bringing this residency to your school, contact Karen Weberman, Education Director, at or 314-932-7414 x 110.

Metro Theater Company’s teaching artists use drama games and improvisation to help students build a safe, welcoming classroom community. Students discuss scenarios that examine teasing, exclusion, name-calling and bullying, and help students develop positive strategies to deal with such problems. This residency is especially effective when integrated with specific classroom literature or curriculum, such as study of the Holocaust or the civil rights movement.