Arts Integration

“Throughout our unit, the lessons and activities prepared fit seamlessly into our class work. They took my goals and objectives and taught material I was worried about getting in! I was apprehensive at first about giving up ‘class time’ but they enhanced the students learning in ways I often neglect to make time for.”

~ Whitney Strubhar, Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School


“The students were able to use their imagination and learned to work together. The activities the students did helped them see the world from different perspectives and promoted active learning.”

~ Julia Goodon, Mason School of Academic & Cultural Literacy


If you’re interested in developing a residency with us, contact Karen Weberman, Education Director, at or 314-932-7414 x 110.

Unsure about how much time you can make for this in your classroom? Our residencies can be as few as five (60-minute) visits, or can be weekly visits made throughout an entire school year.

Arts Integration is an approach to teaching in which students learn academic content through an art form.  Here are some examples of ways in which Metro Theater Company has blended the arts with core curriculum:

  • Celebrate St. Louis Stories is a cultural exchange residency with two middle school classrooms in   geographically distant schools. The residency focuses on creative writing, public speaking, listening, and interview techniques while bridging relationships between students at the separate schools and breaking down preconceived notions they may have of how the other lives.
  • 10th grade students in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District reviewed figurative language, creative writing and poetry for their ELL testing through music, drama and visual arts activities.
  • At The Family Center in Clayton, early childhood students explored the solar system, body control and sharing through creative movement and music.