About Metro


Our board of directors is a rich mix of educators, business people, and community leaders.  Many are parents.  Some are grandparents.  All are committed to our mission.

Board Members

Jason McAdamis (President)
David Bentzinger (Vice President)
Mary Tonkin (Vice President)
Susan W. Nall, PhD (Secretary)
John D. Weil (CFO)
Byron Caskey
Susan Gamble
Mike Gibbons
Theresa Mayberry, PhD
Ellen Norrenberns
Maggie Probert
Mark Sandvos
Tom Schunk
Debbie Van Ryn
David Weber


Marlene Birkman, PhD
Terry Bloomberg
Robert Couch
Suzanne Couch
Mary Ellen Finch, Ph.D.
Nancy Garvey
Camille Greenwald
Marcia Kerz
Daniel Jay
Ellen Livingston
James R. Moog
Joseph M. Noelker
Peggy O’Brien
Mary Stigall
Anabeth C. Weil

Founders: Zaro Weil and Lynn Rubrigh

If you are interested in serving a term on our Board of Directors, please contact Matt Neufeld at matt@metrotheatercompany.org or 314-997-6777 ext. 102 to learn more about how our Board selection process works.