By Wesley Middleton

Director: Carol North

Clothes are the characters in a playful world where everyone must be sorted, according to the bully-boss known as ‘Jacket.’ Separate and divided? No way! These mixety characters want to hang out with each other. Distinctly separate categories make no more sense to the clothes than they do in our world.

But Jacket is in charge. The sorting must be done…or else!

Audiences will have fun watching this lively story tangle, unravel and re-weave toward hopeful possibility. After the play, themes of personal identity, belonging, acceptance and self-worth offer rich opportunities for thoughtful discussion about the ways we sort ourselves and each other, the dangers of labeling and exclusion, and the right all of us have to claim who we are.

Running Time: Under 40 Minutes  / There will be a 10-15 min. talk-back with the audience after the performance.

Audience Size: Depends upon venue; maximum 300

Recommended for Grades K-12


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