Say Something, Do Something

Touring schools March, 2019

Youth is a crucial time to develop conflict resolution strategies. Once adopted, these strategies can stay with students through middle and high school as well as in social situations outside of school. Say Something, Do Something is an interactive performance designed to build empathy, critical thinking and violence prevention skills.

Students witness a bullying scene based on real-life situations they experience, then have the opportunity to actively help the target.

Students interview characters to develop a deeper understanding of what influences people to make these negative choices. They are invited to replace the actors, re-play the scene and improvise their own strategies for a more positive outcome. After this rehearsal for real life, students will be better equipped to recognize potential conflict in their schools and take action to create a culture of non-violence.

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For more information, contact our Audience Outreach Coordinator Nicole Angeli at or 314.932.7414 x106