Say Something, Do Something!

Collaborative Bullying Prevention

The audience shapes the action in this “rehearsal” for real life.

Our professional actors perform a short, relevant scene.  As the crisis builds for the targeted character, our facilitator invites the audience to get involved.  They interview the characters, investigate motivation, challenge assumptions, and find out what led up to this situation.

Audience members make suggestions for a replay of the scene.  They may even replace the targeted character to play out a new action strategy with the actors.

Because the process is fun, it breaks down barriers, inviting students into the process.

Say Something, Do Something! puts students in the center of the action, offering opportunities to think critically.  As students investigate alternative strategies to real-life situations of oppression and bullying, they acquire tools for standing up for themselves or others.

Audience size: Up to 100 per session

Program duration: 45 minutes


Contact: Nancy Tonkins, 314-932-7414 x 106