Auditions: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Open auditions for experienced non-equity professional actors

Now casting for Fall 2017  –  Spring 2018

Contact Executive Assistant Josh Saboorizadeh for an appointment: josh at metroplays dot org


Sunday, March 26, 3:00-6:00pm


Metro Theater Company’s rehearsal studio
3311 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63103
(2 blocks east of Grand, 1 block west of Compton)


We are seeking experienced professional actors of all colors. All actors are paid.  Sorry, we have no performance opportunities next season for teens or children.


Metro Theater Company conducts group auditions that invite actors to engage creatively in a process full of movement, improvisation and collaboration. Dress comfortably for physical work. Bring a resumé and headshot. Please prepare 1 one-minute contemporary poem or monologue.


Metro Theater Company’s upcoming projects:

Games Dad Didn’t Play
A world premiere, by Jeremy Schaefer
Directed by Jacqueline Thompson

Lucas and his mother seek a fresh start in a new city. Lucas struggles to accept that this new beginning will not include his father, who is incarcerated. Lucas copes with the uncertainty of a new school and everything he doesn’t remember — or doesn’t want to believe — about his father by creating an imagined dad that is everything Lucas dreams a dad could be. Eventually his new friend Eddie discovers holes in Lucas’s stories and Lucas has to confront the conflict between reality and his imagination. He has to decide how to accept his father’s truth and what sort of story to write for his own life.

Timeframe: August 2017 – November 2017

Touring: Primarily local and regional sites

Note: Actors must be available for weekday, daytime performances; casting actors of all colors.

Roles: 2 females, 2 males

Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates
From the novel by Mary Mapes Dodge, Adapted for the stage by Laura Eason
Directed by Julia Flood

Set on the ice-covered canals of 19th century Holland, Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates is the story of Hans and Gretel Brinker. Too poor to buy proper metal skates, the earnest and hardworking Hans carves blades of wood for himself and his little sister. Although their skates are crude, the Brinker children are swift on the ice. Despite the bleakness of their circumstances—father has been bedridden from a head injury for ten years and they haven’t enough money for adequate winter clothes—they are hopeful and optimistic. The siblings strive to get help for their ailing father and to prove their own worth by winning a local skating contest – first prize is a pair of sparkling silver skates.

Timeframe: October 2017 – December 2017

Venue: The Grandel

Note: Actors must be available for weekday, daytime and weekend evening performances.

Roles: 3 females, 4 males

Say Something, Do Something!
Interactive Forum Theater

Drawn from the work of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, Metro Theater Company’s Say Something, Do Something takes this interactive form into community settings as a strategy to help address issues of bullying. Actors perform a short, scripted scene in which the balance of power is clearly oppressing the protagonist. As the situation reaches a crisis for the main character, our facilitator freezes the action and gets the audience involved in scoping out what’s going on. Students suggest action strategies that might get a different outcome if the scene were played again. They may even step into the scene, replacing the protagonist. Actors who do this work well are quick-witted and think well on their feet. Most important is that actors care about and invest in the process of social change, which is the goal of the work.

Timeframe: TBA

Touring: Primarily local sites

Note: Actors must be available for weekday, daytime performances; casting actors of all colors.

Roles: 1-2 males, 1-2 females

New Play Development

An essential part of Metro Theater Company’s mission is commissioning and developing new plays with playwrights from around the U.S. We anticipate doing new work development in the spring of 2018. Actors who serve the process well are good thinkers, generous creators, and willing to take risks.

Timeframe: Typically 7-8 days per project

Please note interest and periods of availability.

Also note if you are available weekdays, evenings and/or weekends.

Roles: Various actors, dancers and/or musicians depending upon the project; casting artists of all colors.

Contact Executive Assistant Josh Saboorizadeh for an appointment: josh at metroplays dot org